CG KidZ Ministry 

Our children’s ministry is dedicated to helping your child grow in their relationship with Jesus through meaningful worship, age appropriate Bible study and creative teaching environments.  It’s our desire for every family to feel safe and comfortable in our CGKidz classrooms, and we’re excited to partner with you in the nurture and care of your little ones.  If you need assistance, our staff and volunteers are located at the Welcome Desk entrance of the CGKidz entryway.


“Connecting Kids to Christ” 

In Kidz Ministry, we love sharing about Jesus with children through worship experiences, meaningful Bible study, creative teaching, and relational connections. 

From the time your child enters CG Kidz, we want him/her to feel safe and comfortable. At the entrance to CGKidz entryway, volunteers will assist you with our check-in process and help your son or daughter locate their group.


While they are here, we want them to know the following truths: 

  • Trust – I can trust God no matter what. 

  • Faith – I can believe what God says. 

  • Wisdom – I can make wise choices. 

We all learn better by repetition, so we encourage parents to talk with their children about the things they are learning and by doing so, establish a strong biblical foundation upon which they can build their lives.